Job Opening Type Consultant
Job Content Management Strategy/Business Strategy Proposal/Execution Support
(1)Consulting Business for Nursing Care Management
(2)Data Analysis/Marketing
(3)Development and Demonstration of Nursing Robot
(4)Document created for relating above
Requirement Unquestioned
Employment Status Permanent(Full-time)
Work Location Management Center
5-13-3, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 
KDX Minami-Aoyama 3F
Salary Planning: Monthly 500,000yen~
※Annual Salary 6 million yen~10million yen (This includes overtime pay of 40 hours and bonus)
(Depending on the experience)
Raise/Bonus Revision of Salary once a year, Annual Salary(Bonus Included)
Business hours 9:30~18:30 actual 8 hours(Rest 60 minutes)
Annual Holidays: 110 days Breakdown: Monthly 9 days holiday(8 days holiday for Februrary)+Refresh holiday 3 days a year
Paid Holidays: 10 days a year (Implemented after a half year)
Child Care Leave: Available
Care Leave: Available
Nursing Leave: Available
Insurance Benefits
Health Insurance、 Employment Insurance、 Worker's Accident Insurance、 Welfare Pension
Commuting Commuting Fee Up to 40,000 yen a month

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