Santa Fe Research Institute


Santa Fe Research Institute

Under an environment where ever-changing welfare industry exists, we are practicing groundbreaking and secure solutions for higher business.

Santa Fe Research Institute is a business support project where we operate care facility, Zenkoukai, to effectively utilize knowledge unique to the society that operates nursing care facilities through its own advanced approach.

Background and Objective of Santafe Research Institute

Social Welfare Corporation Zenkoukai has engaged in various advanced effort since its establishment. This effort has collected knowledge that are useful in the welfare industry. Santa Fe Research Institute summarized internal knowledge in order to effectively utilize them in the welfare industry.

Overview of Santafe Research Institute

The Research Institute provides three major services: management consulting services for nursing care business, development of products for equipment maker such as nursing care robots, and research services.

Management Consulting for Nursing Care Business

We will draw up a path of innovation necessary for clients "a company that can survive the future" where such a strategy formulation, business improvement, organizational reform are based on the overwhelming know-how accumulated in the six-site facilities in Tokyo.

Equipment development and sales consulting services for nursing care robots

We have proven results of a more abundant nursing care robot than any other facility. As a facility operator with planning and analysis functions, we will be able to provide clients from product concept development to promotion of distribution and sales from elemental technology.

Research services

A social welfare corporation equipped with planning and analysis functions will provide support for the research of the public institutions not only for the internal environment survey such as the implementation of the human resources management and strategy, but also the external environment survey such as the implementation of the human resource management and management strategy. We also have a wide range of evaluations (effect measurement) of equipment such as nursing care robots.


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